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New Consignors

We are always accepting new consignors. We accept women's clothing in regular and plus sizes. The best time to consign is at the beginning of the upcoming season. We start setting appointments in August for fall items, October for winter, February for spring, and April for summer.

  • Holiday items such as evening gowns, cocktail dresses, glitter and accessories should be consigned in October.
  • We do not consign maternity, children's, men's or bridal attire.
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How To Consign

  • We appreciate you setting an appointment so we have time to carefully select what items will sell best in our area.
  • We consign mall and boutique brand women’s clothing, handbags, footwear and accessories. We are selective about what we consign, so not everything will make the cut.
  • We do not accept items without a label, whether it has been cut off, fallen off, or never had one to begin with.
  • The better the brand, the more current the item, or the closer to mint condition, the quicker your item will sell.
  • Your items need to be clean, pressed, and on hangers.

Please don’t take our pickiness personally ~ we are very selective based on demand and what is currently on hand in our inventory. We do not accept damaged items with stains, tears, piling, missing buttons or broken zippers.

Any items that are found damaged after initial inspection will be sold at a discount or donated to charity at our discretion without further notice.

We believe in being fair to both consignors and customers and will price and mark down items in order to maximize profit for you and value for the customer.

Terms and Conditions

~ Consigned items are kept on the floor for 60 days.

~ The consignor shall receive 40% of their item’s sale price if it sells.

~ If a consignor chooses not to donate unsold items, the consignor is responsible to reclaim unsold articles within two weeks of the expiration of their items.

~ Merchandise will be priced based on designer/brand, condition, style and desirability.

~ Occasionally, Chrysalis Consignments will promote sales events and coupons to attract customers and move merchandise. Markdowns and discounts will be shared equally between Consignor and Chrysalis Consignments.

~ The consignor is responsible to collect any monies owed them within a year of the sale of their items.

~ We will do our best to protect your consignments; however all items are left in the store at your own risk. Chrysalis is not responsible for any loss or damage to items including damage caused by theft, fire, vandalism, natural disaster or any other unforeseen circumstances.